Stella Federa
Shivansh is a throughout excellent teacher with a very broad knowledge in all subjects he was teaching me (Hatha yoga, anatomy, philosophy, alignment & adjustment and teaching practice). You can tell he has a great and longterm experience and is more than passionate about what he's teaching. Having such a motivated teacher who had always good vibes and was always smiling made my learning and YTTC journey so much easier. He just really loves what he's doing. I can just really recommend him as a teacher and I'm sure he'll be successful in future, therefore with India Yoga School all the very best!
Morten Friborg
I met Shivansh whilst I was doing my yoga teacher training in India in 2022. He was our anatomy teacher. But even more importantly, we grew to become friends doing the weeks that the teacher training went on. Shivansh has a lot of knowledge regarding the full spectrum of yoga, aswell as the psysical asana practice. He knows many things about the human mechanism, the bodily functions and the reason for them. . Shivansh also thought us some things regarding the psysical and mental cleansing exercises from the old yogic tradition, the pranayamas and the kriyas. I lerned alot from Shivansh doing my time in India. Thank you for the teaching my friend, and thank you for everything in between. Best regards, Morten. The happy dane.
Claire Donovan
I am a new Yoga teacher . I wanted to practice in India but due to the Pandemic I was unable to travel . I found Shiva . He has been the most amazing teacher . So informative and totally dedicated to his students . I have learnt so much from him . He is Yoga ????‍♀️ I practice twice a week for a total of 3 hours in all . He has taught me to chant The correct Prana Yama And how to move and hold the Asanas in the correct poses . I feel very blessed to have found such an amazing and understanding teacher ????????
Kuldeep Sidhu
I have been suffering from back pain with disc issues and have been to physio and chiropractor but there was not much relief. But since I started yoga with shivansh I can feel a big difference and I feel much better. He has immense knowledge about yoga and trains really well. 1 on 1 classes are really good. I would highly recommend him to everyone who would like to have a better health.
Subramaniam Ramamurthy
I would highly recommend Shivansh for his dedicated approach on Yoga. I had the chance to train under him for a couple of weeks and the approach are instilled in me for a long period of time. He is meticulous and very sensitive towards the persons needs. He does a thorough background discussion before even starting the training which is excellent. All the best Shivansh and thank you for your effort.
Raghu Raj Murmu
I have had a problem with my lower back for a long time now. The disc between my L5 & S1 got bulged and pinched my sciatica. An extremely sensitive issue that kept popping up intermittently. Shivansh had me practice yoga poses for lower back strength & flexibility, which did help immensely. I can walk, run, dance and do many activities freely now, which were previously a challenge. I highly recommend his guidance for therapeutic yoga to recover from any physical ailments.
Jadeep Singh
Shivansh is very knowledgeable and professional in his approach towards teaching yoga. He is able to understand individuals body and mind and adapts the lessons accordingly. Even through virtual lessons he is able to guide in performing the postures correctly. I can definitely recommend him for yoga lessons. It has been a lot fun and learning.
Ruby Gains
I attended Shivansh's classes in Goa and they were amazing. His knowledge and dedication to the practice and his students is inspiring. Thanks a lot Shivansh ????????
Ranjini Venkataramani
I highly recommend Shivansh if you looking best yoga experience through virtual classes. its hard to find someone who can understand your expectation when it comes to online classes. I see Shivansh understand your expectation out of the class and help us understand what hasana we are performing and its benefits. Greatful i came across his profile and highly recommend
Anita Garg
Shivansh has a great deal of experience on teaching yoga and this is obvious from The first class. I have never done before a yoga class so complete and satisfying. Stretching, balance, breathing and meditation exercises are mixed in a perfect way to work body and soul. You can trust his hands completely and let you lead beyond your supposed limits.