Yoga Internship Program at India Yoga School

Best Internship Program at India


  • The internship program aims to provide practical experience to complement the intensive knowledge gained during the 200-hour certification.
  • Guidance on building a career in yoga teaching, setting up classes, and furthering helping new yoga teachers build confidence and expertise.

1. Program Components:


  • Choose specific subjects or areas within the broader field of yoga that align with their interests, goals, or career aspirations.
  • For example, an intern might express interest in specializing in a particular style of yoga asana (e.g., Hatha, Vinyasa, or Aerial), pranayama, ayurveda, yoga philosophy, etc.

Assists and Adjustments:

  • Gain hands-on experience in offering adjustments to students during asana practice.
  • Understand the art of providing safe and effective assistance.

Teaching Practice:

  • Interns can actively engage in teaching yoga classes once they are confident and ready to lead classes.

Feedback and Evaluation:

  • Regular feedback sessions with mentors to review teaching skills.
  • Assessments and evaluations to track progress.

2. Duration and Commitment:

  • Our internship program typically spans a designated period, often ranging from a week to several months.
  • A commitment to regular attendance and active participation is expected.

3. Certification:

  • The successful completion of the internship shall lead to a separate certification or acknowledgment, highlighting practical teaching experience.

4. Compensation:

  • Interns will not have to pay fee to receive the experience at IYS and also they’ll not be charged any amunt to attend any classes at IYS.
  • Interns ain’t eligible to receive any remuneration during their internship period.
  • However, upon commencement of teaching responsibilities and leading classes, interns will be eligible for compensation according to the payment structure outlined by India Yoga School.

5. At any point of the internship any indisciplenary acts by interns might lead to termination of their internship.

6. School’s decision will be final in any points of matter.