The ancient prevalence of Yoga is becoming popular not only in India but in the whole world. Yoga is a holistic system of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India. The word Yoga symbolizes the unity of body and mind. It is well-known that Yoga should be practiced in a serene and calm place, what can be
more soul-drenching to practice this on the colossal and serene beaches of Goa, one of the most beautiful travel destinations of India, while absorbing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets into you?

Why You Should Book a Yoga Teacher Training?

However, Yoga is not that easy to practice because it is followed by several rules, which can only be taught by a Yoga teacher. If you are also passionate about making your Goa trip memorable or want to become a professional Yoga Teacher, the blog provides you with 5 essential tips for booking Yoga Teacher Training in Goa along with the reasons and benefits of practicing Yoga.

A group of people doing Yoga at India Yoga School.

People performing Yoga at India Yoga School.

Reasons Why You Need to Practice Yoga?

Before we dive into the reasons to book Yoga Teacher Training In Goa, let’s know why you even need to practice Yoga.

● While Gym may be a popular fitness routine among most people nowadays, theancient tradition of Yoga is also coming back on track. While Gym trainers only focus on your body fitness, Yoga is the ultimate way to associate your body, mind, and soul.
● An Absolute Opportunity to Immerse Yourself in the Culture. One of the majorreasons to practice Yoga is to immerse yourself in the rich culture of our ancestors and learn the philosophy of Yoga.
● Following a Yoga routine can be a precious gift for your mental health in this lifefilled with stress. Yoga helps in reducing stress and anxiety and helps in making us more energetic improving our quality of life.

Tips to Keep in Mind to Book Yoga Teacher Training in Goa:

Since we have learned about the importance and benefits of following a Yogaroutine, you can make it more mesmerizing along with connecting with nature while practicing it on the vast beaches of Goa.

5 Tips to Book Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

1. Define Your Goals

Before jumping into the booking process, be aware of your interest. To book YogaTeacher Training In Goa, you will have to define your goals and interest in practicing Yoga on the mesmerizing beaches of Goa. Different programs may have a different focus, e.g., Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc.

2. Research Accredited Schools

Though the trend of Yoga is becoming more popular day by day, searching for a good, accredited Yoga School can demand your time and research. All the schoolsout there don’t necessarily have those accreditations and trained teachers. Thus make sure that your money doesn’t go wasted to quickly book Yoga Teacher Training in Goa.

3. Read Reviews and Testimonials

Although reviews can not be trusted completely, they can immensely help you in understanding the curriculum and culture of the school, you are opting for. Read them properly and conclude whether to choose it or not.

4. Location Matters

While Goa has been a must-to-go destination for all the adventurous and nature lovers out there, consider the location of the Yoga School, you are choosing. Accessibility to nature and a peaceful environment will enhance your experience.

5. Teacher-to-Student Ratio

Personalized attention is the one thing, everyone wants when we are paying huge money for a service. Before joining the school, make sure the teacher-to-student ratio is enough to give personalized attention to each person.


Yoga is beneficial in several ways. It may not give the results rapidly as a gym routine does, but regular practice of Yoga has a profound impact on our lifestyle and health. The results of Yoga can be time-consuming, but it gives long-lasting results in the long term. In the stressful lifestyle of today’s time, Yoga immensely helps to balance anxiety, and stress and calms our mind as well as makes our body physically fit. You can book Yoga Teacher Training in Goa and make your Goa trip an ever-lasting memory.