Everybody knows that yoga is great for connecting with the universe, developing one’s spirituality, and keeping one’s mind and body in harmony. The Yoni Mudra is a basic yoga position. You can get mental peace by performing this meditative mudra, which entails holding a specific hand and body posture. This yoga pose is great for women because it helps them cope with the stresses of daily life.

What is Yoni Mudra?

Yoni denotes the womb, while mudra is a hand pose. Yoni Mudra, like most yoga poses, places a heavy focus on the movement of the hands. Some claim that by assuming this yoga posture, one can experience the same state of calm as a developing baby has while still inside the mother’s womb. As you might expect, there are also many who hold the belief that this mudra can enhance a woman’s health and fertility. It also represents Shakti, the feminine principle.

How Do You Perform Yoni Mudra?

  • Yoni Mudra is best done while seated on the floor or in a sturdy chair in the cross-legged position of Padmasana. Sit straight and shut your eyes. In the Namaste position, with your palms facing each other, raise your thumbs up. With your two hands still clasped together, spread your palms apart.
  • After that, with the thumbs and index fingers still linked at the tips, just fold the middle fingers, ring fingers, and little fingers inwards until the backs of both hands’ fingers contact. Together, the two thumbs and two index fingers form a closed ring. Put your pointed thumbs on your belly button now. Breathe deeply and slowly as you maintain this posture. Similar mudras exist, such as the Sarva Yoni Mudra and the Shanmukhi Mudra.
  • Do this for twenty to thirty minutes first thing in the morning. Just a heads up: if you’re dealing with a mental illness like depression, it’s best to stay away from it. Otherwise, locate a peaceful spot in your home where you can do this and engage in some introspection if you’re seeking a method to relax your head. Practicing this approach can help you develop the self-love that you sorely need.

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The Benefits of Yoni Mudra

When you practice Yoni Mudra, you can quiet the racing thoughts that plague your mind and bring about a sense of peace. When you turn off all of your senses, you may disconnect from the outside world and give yourself a break. In the stillness, you can find inner peace and insight. Eliminating interruptions in this way is quite effective.

Not only can this yoga stance put you in a meditative state, which will calm your nerves, but it also has physical benefits. It is claimed that this stance seals energy and stimulates the nerves, as pranic energy is considered to reside in the hands. Yoni Mudra is also thought to have the power to erase wrongdoing, which is an intriguing idea.

Ascending to a higher state of consciousness is yet another goal of this mudra practice. Kundalini yoga uses it to release kundalini, an energy ball located at the base of the spine. Nada yoga practitioners, on the other hand, use it to tune in to subtle noises by focusing on internal sounds heard when the ears are closed.