The Chakra asana gets its name from the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” the move is meant to make the body flexible and powerful. In this asana, the practitioner arches their back and balances on the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet. To achieve this posture, one needs to have mobile shoulders. Warming up by stretching the chest and upper back is therefore much needed. Reaching full length in the wheel pose can be challenging if one’s hips feel restricted. Raising into the pose can be difficult if one’s shoulders are tight, or their arms are weak. Just working at it can help one achieve perfect form one day. Chakrasana is best described as a powerful “Back-Bending” yoga asana. The Sanskrit name for this posture is Urdhya Dhanurasana.

The benefits of Chakrasana are as follows

Aids respiratory health:

Asthmatics can greatly benefit from this asana. It helps one breathe easily, allowing them to take in more oxygen.

Adds to strength and elasticity:

The flexibility and strength of the spine are both greatly improved by practising Chakrasana.

Reduces stress:

Chakrasana is a stress-relieving yoga pose that opens the body’s energy centres, thereby benefiting one’s overall health significantly.

Aids blood circulation:

It aids in the cleansing of the blood in the body and makes it more efficient at carrying oxygen throughout the body, thereby adding to one’s health.

Benefits of eyesight:

This yoga pose is widely believed to help improve one’s eyesight.

Helps develop clarity of thought:

Besides its physical advantages, Chakrasana has many positive psychological impacts, such as promoting an individual’s calmness and clarity of mind.

Improves stamina:

Chakrasana is great for enhancing overall physical fitness in people.

Helps build muscles:

The asana helps one eliminate belly fat while toning their core muscles.

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Helps one feel better:

After practising the chakrasanas, one is bound to feel more energized and less tired.

Improve appetite:

It stimulates one’s appetite and relieves digestive issues and constipation at the same time.

Aids overall body function:

Chakrasana improves an individual’s internal and external well-being. It ensures the proper functioning of their body’s organs.

Chakrasana is a yoga posture practised while sitting, standing, lying down, or even awake. But if you are starting, it is best to lie down for the first few tries. You can move on to standing Chakrasana once you have developed sufficient spinal strength and flexibility. For instance, people with existing back or spinal issues should not do the asana because of the strain it puts on the spine. In addition, Chakrasana places substantial stress on the wrists; as a result, those with fragile wrists should avoid this yoga position. Do you wish to know more about Chakrasana and yoga as a whole? Visit India Yoga School today to keep learning more about all that interests you.