Yoga is becoming the norm in the lifestyle for all the people who want to balance their mind and body with the chaos of life. Yoga is not only the ancient practice of finding the peace of our soul but its long-term practice is also helpful for our body. But if you just want quality time to indulge in this ancient practice and learn the fundamentals of Yoga, what can be a perfect destination than Goa, which is becoming a Yoga hub after being the exploration hub for all the nature enthusiasts and beach lovers for years?

But choosing the best for you can be a tough job because of the high competition among them.

If you are also a Yoga enthusiast and are looking for the perfect destination for seeking peace through Yoga, it is Goa for sure and this blog provides you with some key factors to be considered when you select a yoga school in Goa for you.


Deciding the right period of Training

While Goa can not be visited solely for the purpose of practicing Yoga, you can research the duration and the fees of various yoga schools. Almost every yoga school in Goa provides training for 100-hour, 200-hour, and 300-hour according to different levels of expertise.

  • A 100-hour Yoga Programme is basically designed for beginners making the person aware of the Yoga
  • A 200-hour YTT course is suitable if you really want to dive into Yoga and also want a certification of your
  • A seasoned Yoga teacher can choose a 300-hour training in Goa to master the asanas and meditation



You will be amazed at how to have the knowledge whether the training we are choosing is authentic or not. Well, nowadays, there is a kind of trend of Yoga and there may be a number of training centers that only repeat basic asanas and exercises to their trainees. In this case, finding out such a Yoga School in Goa, that follows the traditional yogic principles and is rooted in ancient teachings. You will able to grasp the essence of Yoga when you are connected to its origin and root.

Accreditation and Certification

If you are investing quite a good amount of time and money in finding the best Yoga School in Goa, and you have not thought about their accreditation and certification,


reconsider it because the work of a true Yoga school is recognized by the high authorities and recognized Yoga alliances. Certification from such bodies indicates that the school follows the standards and teaching methods of ancient times.

Location and Facilities

To ensure that you fulfill your purpose of spending a significant portion of your time in Goa to experience the essence of Yoga and that your efforts don’t go wasted, examine the location and the facilities of the Yoga school you are choosing. If the location is convenient for you to explore the other side of the city in your free time, it is a calm setting or it is isolated from the whole city, that will make you face some difficulties.

An Extensive Curriculum

A Perfect Yoga School in Goa will provide you with a wide curriculum that includes various techniques of Yoga like Asanas, Pranayam, and Meditation. It will integrate the principles of philosophy, anatomy, and practical teaching skills with seasoned yoga teachers.


By choosing the right Yoga school in Goa, you can live several hours in just some moments and this Goa journey is your lifetime memoir. While seeking a perfect yoga session in Goa for self-discovery the duration of the training, the authenticity of the Yoga school, the location and facilities, and the accreditation are some of the major points to consider if you don’t want to waste even a second of your time while having a blissful experience along the beaches of Goa.


If you are seeking a good yoga teacher in Goa or any suggestions or services related to Yoga, the India Yoga School is your ultimate destination.