Through our 200-hour Teacher Training Course (TTC), we provide aspiring yoga instructors with a transforming journey to the serene seaside beauty of Goa. While many who complete this program aspire to teach yoga, the question of whether a 200-hour teacher training is sufficient to do so frequently arises.

What is 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hours-TTC)?

The 200-hour TTC at India Yoga School is a comprehensive course that gives students a firm foundation in yoga. Participants learned about yoga’s history, philosophy, and science for four weeks. Asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and yoga philosophy are all covered. Students can practice instructing their friends by using the program’s teaching style.

What Can You Expect From a 200-Hour TTC?

This extensive program gives students a profound understanding of yoga’s psychological, spiritual, and physical facets. They discover how to align their bodies, practice mindfulness, and delve into the extensive background of yoga. They understand the human body’s mechanics through anatomy classes, essential for a secure and productive yoga practice.

Participants also learn the abilities needed to instruct yoga classes properly. They learn how to order postures, provide adjustments, and foster a supportive environment for their pupils. The 200-hour TTC gives them the skills to instruct various learners, from novices to experienced practitioners.

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Why complete a 200-hour TTC to teach yoga?

While the 200-Hour TTC is a great place for aspirant yoga instructors to start, it’s crucial to understand that yoga is a lifelong path of learning and self-discovery. After completing this training, you will have the fundamental information and self-assurance needed to start teaching yoga for a living.

It is merely a stepping stone, not the destination. Continuous learning is necessary to develop as a qualified and successful yoga instructor. Many teachers enroll in additional programs like the 300-Hour TTC or specialized courses. Through continued education, they can hone their teaching techniques, expand their knowledge of yoga, and meet each student’s individual requirements. Call +918788026409 or visit India Yoga School for further information.