Globally, yoga is becoming more popular. As a result, there are an abundance of small, overpriced yoga studios and fitness centers. Additionally, inexperienced teachers who are ignorant of tradition and science run these studios. The purpose of the Yoga Alliance was to identify and eliminate yoga studios that did not meet these criteria. This leads to the formation of a group whose mission is to uphold the wellness industry’s standards.

The Yoga Alliance is well-known among yogis who have taken part in different programs for yoga teacher training. However, we are here to tell people who are unfamiliar with it about it. And hence, let us begin with the most fundamental:

What is Yoga Alliance?

The United States is home to the Yoga Alliance, a charitable organization. Every yoga school and instructor that satisfies its worldwide criteria is certified and registered.

What is a Registered Yoga Teacher?

After completing their training at any institution that the organization recognizes, registered yoga teachers can join the Yoga Alliance. Additionally, a registered yoga school is the name given to the institution where their yoga teacher training was completed.

Yoga teachers are required by the Yoga Alliance to become registered teachers after finishing YTTC.

What do you need to enroll in at Yoga Alliance?

  • 200, 300, or 500-hour yoga teacher training from an approved school is required.
  • It is mandatory to document all certifications before enrolling in the Yoga Alliance. This certification will attest to the fact that you have successfully finished yoga training at an approved school.
  • Both the start and finish dates of your program should be known to you.
  • Payment via PayPal or a major credit card is required.

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How do I become a member of the Yoga Alliance?

To apply, visit Yoga Alliance USA’s website and fill out the form. Your yoga teacher training institution requires you to sign up for an account and send a request to confirm your enrollment in their program. Once your registered yoga school has confirmed your request, you must pay the fee and submit a review of your registered yoga school.

In order to become a registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance USA, you are required to adhere to the aforementioned steps. To keep your Registered Yoga Teacher status, however, you need to pay the renewal fee every year.

You can also get your Now E-RYT certification from the Yoga Alliance if you’re thinking about making a career out of teaching yoga to people in the health and wellness sector.

What is E-RYT?

  • For those who have practiced yoga for a longer period of time, there is an advanced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT) designation. To be eligible for E-RYT 200, one must have taught yoga for at least two years after finishing their 200-hour YTT.
  • In order to register as an E-RYT 500, you need to have taught yoga for at least four years after finishing your 500-hour YTT.
  • Possession of a yoga teaching certificate or an attestation of relevant work experience is required for enrollment.

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What are the Benefits of Registering with Yoga Alliance?

  • One advantage of signing up with the Yoga Alliance is the boost to your yoga instructor’s credibility that comes with doing so. For those involved in health and yoga, it is a universally known emblem.
  • By joining the Yoga Alliance through registration, you are joining a large yoga community as well as the association itself.
  • The Yoga Alliance will post a yoga teacher’s profile on its directory website the moment they become a member. On top of that, you’ll have access to a plethora of discounts and free online workshops. Your registration becomes more unique, and your profile in the yoga community grows.


There are many benefits that come with registering with the Yoga Alliance official website. Joining the Yoga Alliance will definitely help spread the word about your yoga studio or teacher’s name in the yoga community.