The pandemic has made us realize how vital health is. A healthy body and mind are the pillars of a happy and content life. In today’s fiercely competitive world, we all are running faster than ever before. This has escalated the importance of health practices like Yoga. Yoga is one of the oldest Indian well-being practices that has made India proud in almost every corner of the world. It helps people stay focused and calm. Also, the exercise postures enable body flexibility and strength.

There are 84 asanas (Sanskrit word for exercise posture) in Yoga. The myth goes that there are 84 lakh species in the world, and Lord Shiva- one of the supreme Hindu Gods- fashioned one asana for each lakh of the species. Thus, Yoga has a total of 84 asanas, each of which has its own rules and benefits.

List of Yoga Asanas for a Healthy Body and Mind


In this posture, one has to bend the body upwards in an inverted sleeping position to create the shape of a bow. This asana has the benefits of toning abdominal muscles, easing the digestion process and improving spinal flexibility.


Sarvangasana is a kind of ‘Hatha Yoga’ and is also known as shoulder stand, as the whole weight and balance of the body lies on the shoulders in this posture. As the name suggests, it helps in cleansing the blood flow throughout the body.


Popularly known today as headstand, Shirshasana is one of the most difficult but beneficial forms of Yoga postures. It helps in increasing focus by reducing the level of stress hormones in the body. It is a guaranteed remedy for improving hair health and eyesight since it concentrates blood flow towards the face and head.


This is one of the simplest asanas in Yoga, but to get maximum benefits, one has to get the posture right. Talasana is a palm tree pose wherein the hands are stretched upwards while taking a deep breath. This helps tremendously in improving blood circulation, digestion and lung capacity.


It is known as the corpse pose, and people often mistake it as a posture of doing nothing. But as it’s rightly said, sometimes, doing nothing is doing the best! Shavasana gives the body the crucial downtime it needs for self-healing. It is known to improve memory, relieve the nervous system and lower blood pressure.

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Monitoring and regulating breathing patterns is a great way to keep your mental and physical health in check. There are also a few breathing exercises that are a part of Yoga. Here are a few of them:


It helps one control the most vital element of life- breath, thus helping in reducing stress levels and anxiety and promoting great mental health.

Kapal Bhati Kriya:

It has a triple effect on the body comprising of stimulating, cleansing and heating, impacting lung strength and clearing nasal passage.

Bhramari Pranayam:

In Bhramari Pranayam, one has to imitate the humming sound of a bee while breathing, which helps cerebral tension to cure insomnia and promote healthy sleep.

In conclusion, Yoga is the heritage of humanity. It is not just a form of exercise but also a lifestyle that can save us from ailments of body and mind. It is advisable to learn and practice Yoga daily for a happy and healthy life. Willing to learn more about yoga? Visit India Yoga School today!