The Extended Puppy Pose, or Melting Heart Pose, is a simple and soothing yoga position ideal for beginners. The spine, shoulders, arms, and upper back are all stretched out in this excellent stance. It is useful for folks with shoulder and back problems.

Who can do Extended Puppy Pose?

Most individuals often engage in Extended Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana), also known as a mild stretch suitable for novices. Anyone in need of a little pre-workout relaxation and stretching. You can make adjustments to the posture if you’re pregnant.

Who shouldn’t the Extended Puppy Pose?

Uttana Shishosana or Extended Puppy Pose should not be done by anyone who has had a leg or knee injury or who has severe lower back difficulties. Anyone with a history of neck or wrist pain should stay away. Women who are expecting should either stay away or talk to their doctor.

How to Do Extended Puppy Pose?

  • Beginners can benefit from the calming effects of Extended Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana), a yoga posture that stretches the shoulders, spine, upper back, and lower trap muscles.
  • Get started in the correct position by coming to a tabletop position with your knees under your hips and your wrists under your shoulders. Relax your feet and take some deep breaths.
  • Put your thighs and hips even. As you let your breath out, walk your hands forward (gently) and lower your chest to the mat.
  • Make sure your arms are outstretched in front of you with your fingers pointing out, your hips are lifted just a little, and you’re in a sliding position; then, gently touch your forehead to the mat without straining your neck.
  • Feel the stretch from your fingertips to your hips as you inhale and exhale deeply.
  • Hold your breath and let it out gradually. Feel quiet and feel relaxed.
  • Uttana Shishosana begins when you inhale, walk your hands back into a child’s pose, pause for a few seconds, and then come back to the tabletop posture.
  • Stretch your body and strengthen your mind by practicing extended puppy posture (Uttana Shishosana) while maintaining a steady flow of breath.
  • To prevent injury, modify your form using blankets or blocks if necessary, or simply release the pose. Don’t overdo it and hurt yourself. You should just go with the current and see how it feels.

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Benefit of Extended Puppy Pose?

Uttana Shishosana’s benefits include a better posture thanks to the stretching and strengthening effects on the spine and shoulders.

  • Eases muscle tension in the back and neck, providing welcome relief.
  • Stress is diminished and relaxation is facilitated.
  • Digestion is aided, and deep breathing is promoted.
  • The calming effects of Uttana Shishosana pose extend beyond the physical.
  • Improves Sleep, and
  • Helps People with Rounded Backs Regulate Their Prana Flow.


The Extended Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana) is a straightforward method of calming and stimulating the digestive system. You can relax in this position since it stretches your spine and releases stress in your neck and shoulders. By breathing deeply and slowly throughout the pose, you can provide equal nourishment to your body and mind. Reduce stress, find inner peace, and deepen your self-awareness with this meditative posture.

Uttana Shishosana or Extended puppy position can benefit you both physically as well as on a mental level. This is a simple asana that almost anyone can do. This pose is beneficial to your health because it helps you to unwind and revitalize. Relaxation sets in gradually as you begin to hold this posture. So, this could be a great and easy technique to alleviate pain, enhance digestion, and clear your head. Overall, you may feel better if you make Uttana Shishosana part of your regular practice.

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