“Asana” refers to a position or seat, and “ushtra” means camel. This is why many people call Ushtrasana the camel pose. Ushtrasana is a beneficial and energizing backbend that focuses on opening the chest. It is a great move to incorporate into your routine because it helps keep you from slouching and loosens up your lower back. In contrast to the wheel pose (Chakrasana), the camel pose does not require using your arms to support your body weight while you stretch your spine. Yoga newbies will find it more welcoming and approachable.

Here are the steps for achieving the camel pose:

  •  Kneel with your thighs parallel to the floor and your upper body straight.
  •  If your knees are sensitive, rest them on cushions or pads.
  •  Put your thumb on your back ribs and your other four fingers on the side of your ribcage, and use your hands to lift your ribcage.
  •  Put your feet behind you and press gently on the floor with your toes.
  •  Extend your body from the hips to the crown of your head as you inhale.
  •  Take a deep breath, then return your right hand to rest on the heel.
  •  Repeat the same with your left hand.
  •  Raise your chest and curl your shoulders backwards.
  •  Stretch your neck properly.
  •  Take slow, deep breaths.
  •  Maintain the camel pose for a couple of breaths before releasing it.

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The Ushtrasana offers several benefits. Some of them are:

 Enhancing posture:

Ushtrasana is considered beneficial for posture because it stretches the front of the body, particularly the chest, belly, and quadriceps. Flexing the back in the opposite direction, as in the camel pose, may also increase spinal mobility.

 Abdominal and Chest Opening:

It can aid in the opening of the thoracic cavity by stretching the chest. Breathing slowly and deeply during camel pose can help a person become acquainted with sensations of thoracic muscles, such as heartbeat and lung expansion. In addition to stretching the abdomen and its sides, the camel pose can loosen muscles that frequently contract due to our sedentary lifestyle.

 Improving oxygenation:

According to studies, the camel pose may facilitate lung expansion. The increased lung capacity may aid in raising the oxygen content. As a result, the body’s oxygen flow increases. Elevated oxygen concentrations aid breathing and lessen our bodies’ efforts to breathe.

 Increasing overall muscle strength:

Camel pose is a great way to tone your glutes and hamstrings (the muscles at the back of your thighs) and strengthen your core and chest. The Ushtrasana is a backbend that can help stretch the neck and reduce cervical tension. The muscles in your shoulders, arms, back, and legs may all benefit from this exercise. This could help relieve the pain in your lower back. By loosening tight muscles, you relieve pain in other muscles and avoid bad posture habits like slouching and bending.

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