Stress and fatigue can be quite harmful in subtle ways. Everybody is worried and tired these days. Stress can come from various sources, including work, performance, or relationship issues. Excessive stress has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, and mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Overstimulation of stress hormones, especially if not controlled, has been linked to permanent brain damage. We lose our neuromuscular equilibrium when we are stressed. According to several studies, inflammation of the heart muscles has been linked to long-term mental stress. Yastikasana yoga is a preventative measure. So, let us learn a straightforward asana, the Yastikasana Pose, also known as the Stick Pose, to help us relax.

Stress Reduction and Fatigue Relief Through Yastikasana

Everyone with a desk job should take notes and incorporate this asana into their daily routine. Regular practice has been shown to increase children’s height. Use yoga to shed those extra pounds and flatten your stomach. The supine position of Yastikasana allows for a full body stretch without strain. The Yastikasana steps are as follows:

  • Place a mat on the floor and lie supine (on your back) with your legs fully extended, feet together, and your hands stretched above your head in a parallel fashion.
  • Maintain a state of calm, passive awareness.
  • While inhaling, spend three seconds stretching out as far as you can, toes pointed out, and fingers spread, trying to reach something further away.
  • Hold your breath for 6 seconds while you stretch out into your final position.
  • Exhale for three seconds while simultaneously relaxing your hands and feet to return to the starting position.

For Dynamic practice, place your hands by your sides as you lie supine (on your back) on a mat. Try to maintain a state of calm, passive awareness.

  • Taking a deep breath in, bring both hands above your head in a semicircular motion while keeping your fingers together and your palms facing up.
  • At the same time, spread your toes wide. Do the above in unison in 3 seconds while taking a deep breath.
  • Hold this position for 6 seconds without breathing out.
  • Exhale, relax your body and toes for 3 seconds, and return your hands to their original position by your sides to complete one round.

For Static practice, under normal health conditions, get into the final position described above and maintain normal breathing while stretched out. Focus on your abdomen’s slow, rhythmic rise and fall as you breathe normally.

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Yastikasana benefits:

  • Facilitates the restoration of upright shoulder posture
  • It allows for optimal body stretching and helps one grow taller.
  • It helps strengthen the abdominal and pelvic muscles that are often slack.
  • It helps the blood flow more smoothly.
  • A widening of the chest cavity facilitates breathing.
  • It reduces stress and is good for your nervous system.

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