“Namaste”, a very simple and commonly used term in India, to greet people. Namaste is not just that, it holds greater and deeper meaning! In the context of yoga, namaste is often used as a gesture of respect and gratitude towards oneself and others. It signifies the recognition of the divine spark within each individual and the interconnectedness of all beings.
Namaste is a gateway to oneness. Namaste becomes a doorway to oneness when the sun sets over the serene beaches of Goa, bathing the assembled yogis in a golden glow. Marking the end of a yoga practice also acknowledges the common path toward inner serenity, stability, and self-awareness.

The Origin of Namaste

Namaste Asana

Namaste is a combination of two Sanskrit words: “Nama,” which means “bow” or “adoration,” and “Te,” which means “you.” Namaste is an acknowledgment of the holy spark that resides within each person and of the connection that permeates all life, transcending its literal translation.

The Namaste Gesture

Namaste is more than just a greeting when it’s uttered and the palms are brought together at the center of the heart. It’s a sign of oneness, respect, and humility. The hands clasped together represent the blending of opposites, the left and right, the feminine and masculine forces, to create a balanced, harmonious interior.

The Practice of Namaste in Asana

Namaste takes on great meaning in the practice of asanas in the sun-kissed sanctuary of a yoga resort in Goa, where the rustling of palm leaves blends with the rhythmic murmur of the waves. The spirit of Namaste permeates every pose that yogis perform, promoting a sense of oneness with both the group’s energy and one’s own self.

Namaste- A form of greeting from a Spiritual P.O.V.

Namaste is a greeting that is global and touches the soul, it is a greeting that goes beyond language and cultural boundaries and into the spiritual world. Namaste becomes a shared language, a quiet murmur that recognizes the holiness within each participant, amid the serene atmosphere of a yoga retreat, where like-minded individuals come together to immerse themselves in the transformational power of yoga.

Yoga Retreat in Goa

A canvas tucked away on sun-kissed sands, a yoga retreat in Goa is a way to transform your soul into a canvas on which Namaste applies its spiritual brushstrokes, painting a vibrant and serene masterpiece. With the sound of crashing waves as your soundtrack, the retreat offers a tranquil space to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit through ancient yogic practices and meditation techniques.